Over half of consumer purchases are made online. YourStore™ helps you stay competitive by equipping your practice with a simple and efficient web store.

  • EyeSubscribe™ – Subscription Based Ordering
  • Mobile-Friendly Format
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Direct-To-Patient Shipping
  • A Patient-Friendly Layout
  • Listed Top Brands
  • Customized to look and feel like your webpage
  • Stronger and more efficient web store

Free has never looked and felt better!


In addition to single-box pricing, you will now have the option to set prices for both six-month and annual supplies! Simply select your vendor, fill in the prices you want for each tier, and hit the Set or Update button. It’s that easy!

You are free to change your pricing at any time. Don’t want to set your own price? We provide a default, industry-average price for you.


Make your YourStore™ look and feel just like your practice! Upload your very own logos and feature images, choose your color scheme, and select your own banner image and banner text, accepted insurance providers, and brands to display. Take advantage today!


If you are interested in YourStore™, or if you have any questions, connect with your WVA Sales Representative today to get more information or contact WVA directly via email: yourstore@wisvis.com.