What is Included with a Buying Group Membership?

With your membership in the WVA Buying Group, you get numerous perks!


For your loyalty, we will give back 1.5% of your soft contact lens purchases in the form of YourRewards points when you pay your monthly statement by check. For more information on this, please visit our YourRewards page.

YourStore 3.0 Web Application

As a member of the WVA Buying Group, you will receive YourStore 3.0 Enhanced. This is WVA’s industry-leading patient online ordering solution for contact lenses. YourStore 3.0 Enhanced offers you the ability to customize your personal web store to market directly to your patient base, with custom imagery and tiered retail pricing. For more information, please visit our YourStore page.

Return Privileges

By combining your contact lens and buying group purchases through WVA, you receive a clear advantage when returning products. Currently, if you purchase a frame directly from the manufacturer and return it, you are left with a credit specific to that manufacturer. When that return is processed under your WVA Buying Group Account Number, the credit resides with WVA and you may use it to purchase any optical goods available through WVA.

You will always receive full credit on qualifying returns according to the manufacturers’ policies! In addition, there is no restocking fee on soft contact lenses.

Industry-Leading Customer Service

The WVA Buying Group has a team of in-house customer service representatives to assist you in all of your purchasing questions and billing inquiries. We maintain strong relationships with our vendor partners, and it is our privilege to help when you need it.

Managing your WVA Buying Group Account

In addition to your customer service support, your WVA representative will help you manage all of your optical purchases. Since your purchases are billed through WVA, they will provide you with monthly reports to help analyze profitability and your overall purchases by vendor.