Web Solutions

Why do you need a website? A website is important to your practice for a number of reasons. Websites are the number one way to communicate with your patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Websites advertise your services and give potential patients information on who you are and why they should choose your practice.

Please review what we offer below and connect with your WVA Sales Representative for any questions or inquiries. Unsure of who your WVA Sales Rep is? Contact Customer Support at (800) 747-9000.

A simple process.

  1. Discuss With Your Sales Rep
  2. Send Us Your Content
  3. We Build Your Website
  4. You Review Your Website
  5. We Publish Your Website!

WVA is now offering a better solution to fulfill your website needs!

Our new flexible website plan will allow you to add as many web pages as you need:

  • $400 for the initial three pages
  • $35 per page after the first three
  • Your pages are completely customizable from color to content to images
  • Your site is submitted to Google, Yahoo, and Bing after completion

After your site has been created, we offer other services to keep your website looking great and functioning for your customers:

  • $125, annually, for personalized domain name (optional), as well as maintenance and web hosting
  • $50 an hour maintenance fee whenever you would like significant changes (minimum of one hour)

Please see the examples below for our designs; each will be customized to your specific instructions.

Available Layouts